Javier + Franyelina Engagement Session

febrero 22, 2019

Javier contacted us by mail asking about our services, his written words spread his emotion and nervousness at the same time but we did not know what caused those feelings until he told us about his plan.

I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.


Fran and Javier are two wonderful people by themselves but seeing them together you can almost see that they vibrate, we were fortunate to document their photographic experience and witness the marriage proposal, we were accomplices of Javier who told us what he wanted to do and Fran I didn’t even imagine it.

They are a couple with very good energy and good luck, it was a week of storms but the day of the proposal the sky opened as if I wanted to be an accomplice and witness of Javier’s plan, it was a wonderful day, bright you could feel it was Special, we started the session in a normal way, Fran did not suspect anything even when he saw his now fiance with one foot in the sand, he could not believe it was happening it took a few moments to realize that it was true, the emotion infected us all present when she said yes.

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